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What news have you of the Great Mogul?
The first of a series of occasional essays on our newly launched website. It relates to The History of The Late Revolution of The Empire of the Great Mogol... by Franc╠žois Bernier, one of the most important travel accounts of the seventeenth century, published in 1671.

Peccavi' ('I have sinned')
The title of our second essay refers to a pun on Sir Charles Napier's 1843 annexation of Sindh. We've acquired 8 folio-size hand-coloured plates from the rare 1846 portfolio of the region's views by Lieut. W. Edwards, his ADC.

Musings of two old friends - Souza, the artist and the critic, K.B. Goel
Indoislamica is proud to offer 8 Souza works gifted by the artist to Goel.