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Cabool, the Punjab and Baloochistan.

Tallis, John (publisher).

Steel engraved, original outline colour. 350 x 280 mm. (13.75 x 11ins). 1851.

Drawn and engraved by J. Rapkin. Vignettes of Sultan Mahmoud’s Minars and Fortress, Ghuznee; Boats on the Indus; Lahore. Drawn by A. Fussell and engraved by J.B. Allen.

John Tallis founder of Tallis and Co., London map publishers who traded under various names: L. Tallis, Tallis & Co., John Tallis, John Tallis & Co. (London & New York) between 1838 and 1851. After 1850-51, their maps were published by the London Printing and Publishing Co., London and New York. Their maps and decorative vignettes, engraved and drawn by J. Rapkin, A. Fussell, J.B. Allen et alia., were amongst the last to be elaborately decorated.