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Modern Indian Art

Julia Dragon.

Chowdry, Anita.

Black & white print, digital fractal image using an “Ultrafractal” programme. 200 mm x 200 mm (7.8 x 7.8 ins).

The Julia dragon was constructed using a computer programme called “Ultra Fractal” and is based on the classic Mandelbrot and Julia structures modified by a mathematician called Shigehiro Ushiki. The dragon or cloud shape comes from reiterated elements in exponentially growing and receding proportion.

In theory one can zoom into the image almost indefinitely, and still come up with the same forms. The simplified monochrome computer generated drawing isolates and clarifies the dragon shape.

The sinuous “Azhdeha” or dragon of Iranian literature as well as the undulating cloud patterns that appear extensively in Safavid illumination and marginal design, derive their form from Chinese models. Intriguingly, certain fractal algorithms throw up similar shapes.

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