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Varouma, Dieu des Eaux. (Varuna God of the Oceans or Rivers).

Burnouf, Eugene (1801-1852) and Jacquet, Eugene (1811-1838).

Lithograph with fine original hand-colour. Sheet size approx. 407 x 280mm. (16 x 11.25ins). 1827-1835.

From L'Inde Française ou collection de dessins lithographes representant ... des peuples hindous qui habitent les possessions françaises de l'Inde. (French India or a collection of lithographic drawings representing .... some Hindu people who inhabit the French possessions in India).

Varouma (Varuna), God of the oceans or rivers mounted on Makara.

In the Vedic religion, Varuna is a god of the sky, of rain and of the celestial ocean, as well as a god of law and the underworld. He is the most prominent Asura (group of power-seeking deities), and chief of the Adityas (group of solar deities). Makara, a mythical creature, is the vahana (object or being) that serves as the mount for a deity in Indian mythology. In this case the vahana is a monster comprising a crocodile, an elephant, a tapir and a tortoise.

Eugene Burnouf, the distinguished French orientalist, published works on Pali, the liturgical language of Buddhism. Subsequently, as a result of his efforts, knowledge of the old Iranian or Zoroastrian language was first brought to scientific Europe. Burnouf was professor of Sanskrit at the College de France.
Colas 490. R. Colas, Bibliographie Générale de Costume et de la Mode. 2 volumes. Paris, 1933.

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