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Soupramany-Samy. Secondfils de Siva. (Second son of Siva).

Burnouf, Eugene (1801-1852) and Jacquet, Eugene (1811-1838).

Lithograph by C. Motte with fine original hand-colour. Sheet size approx. 407 x 280mm. (16 x 11.25ins). 1827-1835.

From L'Inde Française ou collection de dessins lithographes representant ... des peuples hindous qui habitent les possessions françaises de l'Inde. (French India or a collection of lithographic drawings representing .... some Hindu people who inhabit the French possessions in India). ‘Lith de Marlet & Cie. R. du Bouloi. No. 19’.

Karttikeya or Subramanya as known in Southern India, the eldest son of Shiva and Parvati. The Sanskrit epics indicate that he was the eldest son of Siva. In Southern India it is maintained that he is the younger of two sons. He is born on a peacock chariot, has 6 heads and 12 arms. The objects held in his hands include a lance known as a sakti (vel in Tamil),an arrow, a sword, a disc and a noose. He holds a lance, a weapon with which he is closely associated. It was given to him by his mother, Parvati, and embodies her energy and power. Subramanya is the principal god of war and is traditionally highly popular among the Tamils of Southern India.
Colas 490. R. Colas, Bibliographie Générale de Costume et de la Mode. 2 volumes. Paris 1933.

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