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Bastion of the Lal Bagh, Dacca.

D'Oyly, Sir Charles, Bart. (1781-1845).

Inscribed ‘Drawn by Chas. D’Oyly Esqr.’ and ‘Engraved by J. Landseer Engraver to the King and F.S.A.’/ ‘Proof.’ Wide untrimmed margins. Sheet size 580 x 430mm. (23 x 17ins). Plate size 335 x 265mm. (13.25 x 10.5ins). 1814-1827.

From the rare work, Antiquities of Dacca by Charles D’Oyly. Printed by John Tyler, 13 Rathbone Place, Oxford Street.

Antiquities of Dacca was evidently produced over a number of years as the prints range in date from 1814 to 1827.

A British trading post was established at Dacca in East Bengal in the 17th century. The city was a capital of Mughul viceroys and governors. Sir Charles D’Oyly Bart. (1781-1845) had his first opportunity to study Indian rather than British buildings when he became Collector of Dacca in 1808. Previously D’Oyly had been taught by the great artist, George Chinnery, in Calcutta. He later became the centre of a fashionable group devoted to drawing. A man of boundless energy, he was also a satirical observer of Anglo-Indian life. Between 1821 and 1832 when D'Oyly lived in Patna, travellers up the Ganges would stop there and spend lively evenings at his house, admiring his drawings and dining well.

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