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The Head of the Advanced Guard of the Mahratta Army, coming to join Lord Cornwallis, near Seringapatam, May 28th 1791.

Individually published engraving with original hand-colour, platemark and wide margins. Inscribed within platemark 'Published by J Rennell, March 30th 1792'. 15.5 x 24 ins. overall.

A scene from the War of the 'Triple Alliance' (Third Mysore War) against Tippoo Sultan. The 'Triple Alliance' comprised the British aided by their treaty allies, the Mahrattas and the Nizam of Hyderabad. Hostilities were concluded with the Treaty of Seringapatam on 18 March, 1792.

The publisher is the geographer James Rennell (1742-1830), a Major in the East India Company's service. In 1794 he was appointed surveyor-general for the East India Company's dominions in Bengal, and retired from active service in 1777, having been engaged on the survey for thirteen years. The government of Warren Hastings granted him a pension, which the East India Company somewhat tardily confirmed.

The remainder of Rennell's long life was devoted to the study of geography. His Bengal Atlas was published in 1779, and was a work of the greatest importance for strategic and administrative purposes. He was elected a fellow of the Royal Society in 1781, and took up residence in Suffolk Street, near Portland Place, where his house became a place of meeting for travellers from all parts of the world. His second great work was the first approximately correct map of India.

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